Cartier Baiser Vole - Парфюмерная вода, 50 мл

но элегантный и женственный. Чтобы передать всю глубину аромата парфюмеры использовали все те же лепестки лилии.Baiser Vole от Cartier - это аромат чувств. Насыщенный мучнисто-цветочный аромат в начале композиции имеет запах лепестков лилии. Новый аромат помещен в легкий флакон из матового стекла невесомого, дымчатого цвета. И как завершение композиции они снова взяли мотивы лилии, Он простой, но теперь - ее зеленые листья.

Baiser Volé Eau de Parfum: The fragrance of a majestic yet elusive flower: the lily is recreated for the first time, from the freshness of the leaf, the floral scent of the petal and the powdery fragrance of the stamen. Cartier Baiser Volé, a fragrance of pure passion. The original, new expression of this majestic and mysterious flower, the Lily, reflecting all its perfection for the first time. Fresh, floral and powdery. Cartier Baiser Vole (perfumed body lotion ,eau de parfum,perfumed deodorant) See more like this 10 sample vials BAISER VOLE by Cartier eau de parfum Spray 0.04oz Get 2 FREE Brand New Product DescriptionBaiser Vole, fragrance for the delectable ladies was launched in 2011 by Cartier. Dominated by the citrus magic in its opening notes, the tale of the enchantment begins. It is a sophisticated saga of green notes in the heart, lively but graceful.

Cartier Baiser Volé parfum video commercial Cartier Baiser Vole - Парфюмерная вода, 50 мл

Free shipping and returns on Cartier Baiser Volé Eau de Parfum at What it is : An original creation from Cartier's in-house perfumer, Baiser Volé, meaning 'stolen kiss,' is the expression of love according to Cartier. Fragrance story : A story of pure passion told through a strikingly feminine and rare flower, the lily, Baiser Volé is a pure floral fragrance, reflecting all its perfection for the first time. Style : Fresh, floral, powdery. Cartier Baiser Vole by Cartier for Women 6.75 oz Perfumed Body Lotion.55 In Stock. Cartier Baiser Vole By Cartier For Women Eau De Parfum Spray 3.3 Oz.45 Baiser Vole Essence de Parfum by Cartier is a rare floral-gourmand treat! Lilies are often thought of as a cold, distant, and sharp smelling flower (people often associate them with funerals) while vanilla is a warm, sweet, welcoming scent that most people really enjoy. Be the first to provide feedback on this review. When I first sprayed Cartier Blaser Vole parfum on wrists it was a little strong but after a few minutes the scent changed to a soft floral scent, but not sweet. This year’s edition Cartier Baiser Vole, builds upon the oriental, mighty and passionate kiss of the dragon (Le Baiser u Dragon), announcing a more sophisticated approach and composition. The emphasis is on the game of excitement and anticipation.

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